What’s the difference between self employed and being a business owner?

What's the difference between self employed and being a business owner?

Written by Sajad Abid Husain, Esq.

June 6, 2024

Are you self-employed or are you a business owner?

Are you still working for a living?

That sounds like it sucks.

Big picture:

Put an hour a day into working

ON the business, instead of IN the business.

Step One: Brain dump

Step Two: Outline

Step Three: Create SOPS (standard operating procedures)

Step Four: Delegate

“If you do ten dollar an hour jobs, you’ll end up making ten dollars an hour.” –Jim Rohn

Step Five: Focus your energy on growth and quality control only

Step SixBe way more organized and way less stressed out, make way more money, work way less.

Step Seven: Tell everybody about how great I am, so I get more money and can continue to afford to fly in the most beautiful woman from around the world!!!

Let’s talk!

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