Sales vs Marketing

Sales vs Marketing

Written by Sajad Abid Husain, Esq.

June 14, 2024

Doing sales sucks, right? So much rejection!!!!! Stop doing it.

You meet with 12 people a week. You pitch everybody.

To pitch means to clearly and concisely articulate massive value. 

That’s 48 people per month.

You land three to five deals per month at $5,000 each.

You make $15,000 to $25,000 per month.

What’s the bad part?!?!?!?!!?

Why do so many people quit, right when they start making a lot of money!!!!????

Because doing sales sucks.

You’re getting rejected by 43 to 45 people per month…..

Most people get butt hurt when people don’t buy.

So, what should you do!!!!????


How do you do that?

Post to LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, every single day, 365.

Batch content!!!! Meet with me and I’ll explain how to create 45 days worth of excellent content in 30 minutes. It’s actually easy, when you know how to do it.

Use the same post in all five places.


2. Add massive value; say shit that is soooo important, that they take notes (if you’re not taking notes right now, you’re dumb; I’m a genius and I’m rich for a reason/I know what I’m doing)

3. End with a call to action.

LinkedIn Posting:

Start with a catch.

You’re allowed to use up to five hashtags.

Use #Business #Strategy #Innovation and #Creativity and your custom one.

Make sure only the first part of your second line shows; humans have the desire for completion, so they’ll open it up.

You can only post or share somebody else’s post once a day.

Add massive value in every post.

Give away everything you know, without charge.

They’ll hire you for assistance with implementation.

End with a call to action.

Never post links to outside sources in the post; LinkedIn doesn’t want people leaving.

Have five people set up to comment and react in the first 30 minutes of posting.

Post at 8 am CST, once a day.

When you engage (comment and react to other people’s posts) you show up in their feed.

For the other four platforms:

1. Post at 7:30 am CST, once a day.

2. Repurpose content; use the same post in all four places.

3. Use twenty hashtags.

I do this every single day, 365.

It takes three minutes a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t chase the butterflies; don’t do sales; do marketing.

Build a beautiful flower garden.

Attract your clients; don’t chase people.

Fuck follow up and funnels.


Run into discomfort.

Be stubborn, but not stupid stubborn.

The number one thing you need to be doing with your business right now is the number one thing that you’re avoiding.

You don’t start out with confidence, you start out with courage; the courage to try.

Think about the three things you’re uncomfortable doing and avoiding right now and get one thing done today.

Run into discomfort.

You will gain confidence over time.

Think about something you’re really GREAT at right now. The first time you did it, you sucked. That’s how life goes…..

Do you want to do something for me?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have two, no charge, online business networking events this week.

Please attend and bring three friends!!!!!! (All links are below.)

Also, have I added at least $29.99 worth of value to your stupid life?????

Please buy a couple of my T-shirts!!!!

Thank you in-advance.

Please do it now.

You’re going to forget.

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