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The 6 Week Bootcamp That Ensures You Get Shit Done


Compass pointing in the right direction
  • Schedule time with our Scheduling and Branding Experts.
  • Gain access to the Cause and Effect online community.
  • Begin submitting your written schedule every night.
    • 12 hours scheduled out hour-by-hour with quantifiable measurements. 
    • You’ll do this seven days per week, including weekends and holidays, throughout the program.

Week 1: Branding, Pitching, Packages, and Processes

Pitch on fire
  • Create your emotional connection in your pitch. How do clients feel when they work with you? You need to state their why.
  • What are your products or services? You state up to three packages with five added values for each.
  • What are the logistical steps? Avoid ambiguity and be specific. Put the potential client in the shoes of the person who’s already hired you.
  • Create your pitches to memorize and perform:
    • 30-second pitch.
    • 2 to 4-minute pitch.
    • 8-minute pitch.

Week 2: ROI / CAC

broken clock

You’ll answer these questions using quantifiable measurements:

  • Where are you spending all your time?
  • Where are you spending all your money?
  • What are you getting in return?
  • Why are you doing the things you’re doing?
  • What’s working and what’s not?

Return on Investment (ROI):

The amount of money generated

– Minus –

The amount that it costs.


Cost of Acquiring Clients (CAC)

The amount of money spent getting clients

– Divided By –

The number of clients acquired.

Week 3: Mapping

Map with Magnifying glass

What is your exact break-even or “Nut”?

  • Exact Personal Budget
  • Exact Professional Budget

What are you forgetting?

How much do you want to make above your nut?

What is your Overall Revenue Goal? State a specific number and create the plan to get there.


What is your ROI and CAC?

  • How much do you make (on average) per client?
  • How many qualified leads do you have to speak to to land one?

Create Actions Steps with Due Dates and Milestones

Week 4: Loose ends

Rope knots

You’ve made it this far!!! You can’t quit now! This is your opportunity to catch up and ask a million questions. Come prepared with questions!

Week 5: Negotiations and Closing Deals

Checkmate chess pieces

You’ll have an SOP for everything, including how to run a business meeting.


  • Pre-meeting checklist:
    • Have a pre-meeting survey that will set the agenda.
    • Research the person you’re meeting with for 30 minutes the day before the meeting.
    • The day of the meeting— Spend a few minutes to refresh your recollection of the research before meeting.
    • What value are you showing?
    • Why are they meeting with you?
  • During your meeting
    • Add massive value.
    • Listen intensively.
    • Ask the appropriate questions.
    • Address pain points (specific business problems the person has).
    • Overcoming barriers.
    • Ask the right questions using your pitch.
    • Speak as if they are going to hire you.
    • Tell them the process of working with you.
    • State specific solutions to their specific problems in an interwoven way.
    • Get them to say “I need to hire you.”
    • Close when emotions are high.
  • After the meeting
    • Did you close, if so, why not?
    • Assess your performance.
    • Hold yourself accountable.

Week 6: The Capstone: The Three Keys to Success.

three keys
  • Would you let an employee behave the way you are, or accept the excuses you’re telling yourself?
  • Learn the Three Keys To Success:
    • Persistence.
    • Sacrifice.
    • Organization.

What Our Clients Say

If it doesn’t pay all your bills, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

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