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“Without accountability, there can be no trust, and without trust, there can be no meaningful collaboration.” – Patrick Lencioni

Are you a business owner seeking to amplify your productivity and cement your path to success? Have your plans been side-tracked by the daily grind, leaving you stuck in a cycle of almost-there-yet-not-quite? Well, your search ends today!

Welcome to our exclusive Cause and Effect Consulting Productivity & Accountability Group, where we’re not just about wishful thinking. We’re about the real, tangible goals you can set and surpass. We offer a unique environment where like-minded go-getters come together, daring to dream bigger and do better.

We begin June 7th, 2024!!!! and meet every Friday at 1PM CST for 30 minutes.

Specific, Measurable, and Realistic Goals

Do you need to make money now!!!!!!!!!?????????????

How many money-making activities are you doing?

Reading, researching, creating, and analyzing don’t count….

Do you lack focus and consistency?

Unleash your true potential with our specially designed program that encourages you to set precise, quantifiable, and achievable goals. We firmly believe that the path to triumph is paved with clearly defined objectives that motivate and direct your progress. With our expert guidance, you will not just dream but do. You’ll not just reach but exceed.

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Action Speaks Louder

Success isn’t just about ideation. It’s about the action you take, and we’re here to guide you on the correct path. Our group encourages members to be proactive, pushing the boundaries of comfort to tackle important tasks head-on. With us, you’ll learn the art of prioritizing and actioning to meet your goals.

Proven Strategies for Success

Experience the real magic of our expert strategies that have led hundreds of business owners to follow through and succeed. We will equip you with the very best of our tried-and-tested methods to skyrocket your productivity and accountability.

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Fortify Your Focus and Discipline

Boost your ability to stay centered and disciplined with our tried-and-tested techniques. We empower you to control your attention, channeling it into the tasks that matter the most. Propel yourself forward in business and life by strengthening your focus and willpower.

Your path to success is no longer a solo journey. Join our Productivity & Accountability Group today and become part of an inspiring community of high achievers. Step into a realm where productivity is not a distant dream but a reachable reality

We begin June 7th, 2024!!!! and meet every Friday at Noon CDT for 30 minutes.


What our clients say about us.

“Much has been written about the correlation between habits and productivity. As a solopreneur, I am accountable to my clients to deliver on my brand promise. While enrolling new clients is a priority, I am accountable to no one but myself. Sajad’s POD concept provides the focus and accountability I need weekly to transform busy work into revenue-generating activity.”

No more excuses. Fewer bright, shiny distractions. No more “coulds”, “shoulds” or “woulds.” With members of the POD, I share the unvarnished results of my performance and receive constructive feedback on what’s important to do and what’s not. Sajad has decoded a successful formula for marketing services in the post-pandemic reality. He attracts a motivated group of people seeking to do well by doing good for their clients. They share, ideate, offer tough love, and offer to help one another navigate this crazy journey we’ve chosen – our professional service careers. Sajad has always been your performance coach; you just didn’t know it.

Charley Timmins

“Sajad’s POD is a great place to connect with professionals on a journey of massive success. There is a high level of accountability where we discuss how and where we spent our time over the week. We get to share openly and face the results of how business is going, based on RESULTS. Not hopes and dreams, unicorns and puppies. But the reality of if we have a BUSINESS or a hobby. Facing the reality of am I running a business where I am able to pay my bills, or am I dicking around and pretending that my hobby is a business?

Once the reality becomes clear you are in a safe space to ask for questions and support from both Sajad and the rest of the POD. Everyone there has amazing insight, knowledge, and resources that they are willing to share with one another because we have a mutual respect for being on this shared path, albeit at different stages. I highly recommend the POD for anyone that is running a business. If you don’t find value in it, that’s something for YOU to reflect on, because it is an information and resource gold mine. “

Jeff Sera

“Sajad is not for the faint of heart. He is for true professionals and entrepreneurs who care less about political correctness and making everyone feel warm and fuzzy, and more about honest, direct feedback, accountability, and growth. He will challenge you to be the best version of yourself and to honor your word both to yourself and your podmates, which is what only the best business coaches are brave enough to do. The amount of growth you’ll get from this experience is proportionate to the amount of energy and honesty you approach it with.

Take control of your business, let go of your sensitivity and limiting stories, and get ready to grow. ”

Dhru Beeharilal

“Would you invest in something you control, where your return is 10x in three months? That’s what Sajad Husain, Esq.’s POD did for my business. His instructions are simple but rigorous; the measurements more than reasonable; the media promotion programs virtually (if not completely) free; and the support from the group second to none. He does call you on bullshit, so you need the humility to take criticism and make efforts to change, but it’s more than worth the effort. I look at my business in a completely different way—far more pragmatically—since beginning with the POD. “

Jim Shulman

Join Today

Get ready to reimagine your future. Let’s embrace ambition, persevere through challenges, and celebrate each victory on your journey to success. Remember, your goals are not just dreams; they are the milestones on your roadmap to triumph.

Join the Productivity & Accountability Group today!

$200 per month. **12 Month Contract.


Video Testimonials

What our clients say about us.

POD Success

Save $200 by Paying in Full!

Ignite your inner spark. Drive your progress. Build your empire. Together, we achieve more.

**12 month contract

Take control of your business and your life by becoming extremely well organized, which will significantly increase your productivity and substantially reduce your stress.

If it doesn’t pay all your bills, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

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