People pleasers are poor people…

People pleasers are poor people

Written by Sajad Abid Husain, Esq.

July 10, 2024

You can sell without selling. I never try to get anybody to buy anything from me; I just add massive value, everywhere I go.

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, networking groups, podcasts, presentations, etc.

To add massive value means to say something so useful, that people write it down.

I met with this young man and added massive value to his business and his life.

After our 30-minute BUSINESS meetings, he said he couldn’t afford to hire me or join my Productivity and Accountability POD at this time, but he really wanted to.

I said, no problem.

Then he asked, “Can I get on your calendar again?”

Ummmmm, No.

30 seconds later, he said, “What?”

I said, No.

You can hire me or you cannot hire me. I don’t want to be your friend.

Giving away all of your knowledge and how to implement all of your knowledge is what you sell.

If you give it away for free, you are telling people and The Universe that you are worthless.

Stop being stupid and saying, “I’m just a nice person.”

No, you’re just a broke ass, dumb, people pleaser.

If people want your time, you charge for it.

You give away the knowledge for free; you don’t give away your consulting for free.

If they want specific information on how to implement your knowledge, you charge money for that.

Otherwise, you’re going to stay a broke ass people pleaser.

Let’s talk!

I offer a 30-minute complimentary conversation.


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