My father is dying of a stroke, brain bleed, brain damage, dementia, and cancer….

My father is dying of a stroke, brain bleed, brain damage, dementia, and cancer....

Written by Sajad Abid Husain, Esq.

May 15, 2024

He’s starting to mess up the money. They have over five million dollars. He locked my mom and dad out of the accounts last week.

He could lose it all in one minute, because his brain doesn’t work anymore.

My mother is waiting for the hurricane.

She’s not being proactive.


Okay, maybe not, but they are going to probably kill your market value.


See, all of the low level positions will be taken over by robots.

Have you seen the robots that clean bathrooms? They’re fucking amazing. They don’t require time off, they don’t have sick children, they don’t need insurance, they’re more consistent, and they do a much better job overall, every single time….


More and more people will be working to seek positions like yours.

It’s supply and demand.

The demand for skilled labor positions will go way up, which means the salaries and benefits will go way down, which means the pay rate for these positions will also go way down. Your job is in danger.

Stupid people do not prepare for the hurricane; they always think, “Well, it’s not going to hit me!!!!”

Don’t let your ego get in your own way.

I wish my mother would let me assist with my father, so they don’t go broke. Her ego won’t let her get out of her own way.

The time to start your own business is now.

If you wait, you might end up swept into the ocean.

I offer a 30-minute complimentary conversation.

Please hop on my calendar below for a complimentary conversation.

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