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Join us Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday at 10 AM CST

Join us Every

1st & 3rd Wednesday at


Mini Shark Tank With Sajad Husain, Esq. & Jim Shulman

Mini Shark Tank


Two Businesses

Two Questions

Two Answers

Success Hurts. Feel Better Here.

Success brings its own problems.

In one hour, see two successful business owners ask one important question about their companies—and get fast answers.

Hosts Sajad Husain, Esq and Jim Shulman bring more than a half-century’s experience running large and small enterprises, and they’re not afraid to give blunt, accurate answers that address problems straight-on.

Each program features two different business owners and moves at a fast pace. Then we conclude with 15 minutes of networking.

You’ll understand how experienced entrepreneurs make important decisions quickly under demanding conditions.

Plus, it’s a lot of fun and you’ll get information you can use today.

We open the room at 9:50 CST and start promptly at 10AM CST, so get there early so you don’t miss anything.


A shark chasing a cage with money

Your Hosts

Sajad Husain, Esq

Sajad Husain, Esq


Sajad is a persevering, enterprising, and top-performing executive and former attorney with expertise in vision-setting, project oversight, development, and implementation, compliance, internal and external communications, relationship management, legal and policy review, resource, and people management, community outreach and organizing.

He is a highly sought-after mentor/coach and sounding board for ideas and key advising. He is also an analytical and broad-minded influencer focused on solving problems, mediating disputes, and resolving matters to ensure ultimate project success.

Jim Shulman

Jim Shulman


Jim brings more than forty years’ experience in business management and marketing, from running the sales department for a multi-million-dollar direct marketing company and building an international presence for a pharmaceutical startup, to selling polyester pants in a discount department store. Since 2000 he has exclusively coached successful entrepreneurs who have thriving businesses, value personal development, and crave individual attention from someone who has metaphorically walked in their shoes—that is, when he isn’t driving around the country in his 1957 Dodge Custom Royal Sedan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about?

Successful business owners bring their biggest challenges and get fast answers…

Sometimes answers they don’t like, yet always the answers they need.

What is the format of the event?

We open the room at 9:50 AM CST, don’t be late!!!

We start exactly on time at 10 AM CST!!!

Sajad and Jim host two business owners seeking advice and direction for their business idea.

They give them the answers they need, whether they like it or not!

Two 15-minute Sessions in one hour with Guest Participation:

~The Business Owner Presents Their Biggest Problem

~Sajad & Jim Ask the Participant Probing Questions

~Guests Join In to Add Comments

~Sajad & Jim Summarize The Advice with Actionable Suggestions as a Result

Join us after the event for 15 minutes of networking followed by further insights and discussion.

The room will be open until 11:30 AM CST.

How can I be a sponsor for the this event?

Hop on Sajad’s calendar to appear on our email blast and be featured as a SPONSOR at our events!

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