If you attend networking events, that doesn’t mean you’re actually working:

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Written by Sajad Husain

March 7, 2024

DM at least three people per hour 2. Say, “I’d love to hear more about what you do and tell you what I do!

Here’s my calendar: XXXXXXXX.

When there’s an opportunity to ask a question or make a comment, step up.

Don’t be a wallflower; you’re not actually working.

You’re hiding and wondering why your calendar isn’t filled up.

Use Calendly and ensure that you’re asking these three questions:

1. What is your current status? 

2. What are your current barriers?

3. What does outrageous success look like for you in six months from now? 

Operate with intention, but don’t be concerned with the outcome.

Don’t try to sell anything!!!!! Sell without selling.

Add massive value; say shit that’s so useful that people write it down.

Of course, go into the meeting with the intention of landing a deal,

BUT, sell without selling. Just add massive value.

Don’t concern your self with the outcome.

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