“If I give away everything for free! I’ll start to make a lot of money!!!!”

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Written by Sajad Husain

March 12, 2024

Somebody said that to me yesterday. I actually see this a lot. When you give way too much away for free, you will make way less money.

You will also end up resentful…..

You’ll think, mane! I helped that person out sooooo much, and they still didn’t hire me!!!!!

That’s your fault.

You gave way too much away for free.

If you’re selling intellectual property, selling a service, and you work for free, you’re telling that potential client that your time isn’t worth shit.

Then, you end up resentful.

Why would they hire you? You just showed them, even worse than telling them, that your time isn’t worth anything.

Provide massive value for 30 minutes; if they don’t hire you, don’t offer any more assistance.

You need to do the exact opposite.

Start charging at least double of what you’re charging right now.

You’ll get way more clients, way better clients, and make way more money.

Watch. Try it. I’m right. You’re wrong. That’s why I’m rich and you’re not.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome” -Albert Einstein.

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