“I hope this email finds you well! “, They don’t know how life works.

I hope this email finds you well! They don't know how life works

Written by Sajad Abid Husain, Esq.

June 12, 2024

You don’t start out with confidence, you start out with courage; the courage to try.

You screw up over and over and over again, and you gain confidence over time, as you start to succeed.

If somebody is an expert at something, they didn’t start out that way.

They say that doctors and lawyers are practicing medicine and law; we’re in a constant state of growth.

Why do the vast majority of NFL players and lottery winners go broke? 

Money is attracted to a certain kind of person.

It’s not just about being financially responsible.

To paraphrase Jim Rohn, if you took away all the money from everybody and redistributed it equally, in two years from now, the rich would be rich again, and the poor would be poor again.

You do not become wealthy. You have the mentality and the behaviors of a wealthy person.

It’s a way of thinking and a way of operating in the world. 

If you do like everybody else, you will get what they’ve got.

Most people don’t have shit, because they care what other people think of them, so they conform, and do like everybody else.

That’s why I attract wealthy people and those who want to become wealthy; because they know, if not consciously, subconsciously, that I am operating in the ways of the wealthy, with the mentality of the wealthy.

You will not make any money by hiding. Everybody says that they want to make a lot more money, but the vast majority of people are hiding. 

They don’t attend networking events consistently.

They show up and have their cameras turned off.

They don’t speak up, when they have an opportunity to speak up.

They don’t ask questions, when they have the opportunity to ask a question.

They are lying to themselves; they are saying that they are working, when they’re really not doing anything at all, except lying to themselves.

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