How much are you worth per hour? Some thoughts on wealth and life…

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Written by Sajad Husain

March 4, 2024

A person does not become wealthy; they are a wealthy person, prior to having the wealth.

Extremely successful people, financially and otherwise, do not care how you feel or what you think about anything; they do what they do; they are who they are.

It’s extremely easy to tell who will be successful and who will not.

Who is consistent?

Who is persistent?

Who really wants it, as bad as they want to breathe?

Who is always working on their dream, and it never feels like work?

Who takes off on weekends?

Who takes off on holidays?

Who is honest with themselves?

Who is focused and organized and always on the grind?

Poor people do not become poor; they are poor.

The money follows the mentality and the behavior of the person

Do you operate out of desperation and scarcity, or abundance?

Do you concern your self with what other people think and how they feel about you?

Are you looking for an easier way? A shortcut?

You rationalize your lack of ability to deal with rejection by saying you’re working on being more efficient; I’ve been hearing this bullshit for over twenty years.

The Truth is, Objective Reality is, you are what you really think of your self, and it shows; there’s no faking it.

You get what you deserve, based upon who you really are.

It’s what you allow, and it’s what you accept.

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