Activity does not equal productivity!!!!!! Part 4

Activity does not equal productivity

Written by Sajad Abid Husain, Esq.

May 6, 2024

You’re super smart and extremely hardworking, but you’re not getting the results that you know that you deserve.

When you have something like a scheduled 30-minute pitch/business meeting, or you are going to meet with a client in person, don’t schedule going for a walk beforehand or go over time on your scheduled meeting and take away time dedicated for your next set of scheduled business tasks.

It is extremely beneficial and important to understand the psychology behind why things are getting done and not getting done.

The next outcome might be marked with an “X” for incomplete. And this most likely means you under allocated time. A question mark means the task was too vague.

If the work task is something like, “work on your website”, that is very vague.

If I put, “complete the header banner section on my website”, that is more specific. You will learn how to break your tasks down into exact steps through this scheduling process.

One task might actually need to be broken down into three or five steps.

Back to the example of working on the banner for your website…

Step one is to upload my picture into the banner image.

Step two is to update the copy on the banner.

Step three is to do the designing, formatting, and polishing and upload the final image to your website.

What you thought was one task on your schedule, you will learn that it may need to be broken down into three tasks.

Quite often, you will learn and write a little arrow on your schedule to move a task to a different place in your schedule, as it means there was a dependency issue. Completing one task may be dependent on the other…

At 4:00 PM, you planned to work on your profile picture and banner image and at 2:00 PM you planned to add the image to your website. You will have to do one task before the other so you will learn exactly where you are messing things up.

By making these annotations, it reveals our tendency to lag on certain things and when you are being too vague with your tasks. What you will end up doing from now on is thinking more about project management.

Back to the website task again. You will lay out the exact steps and components required to complete the task, and put how long I think it’s going to take.

Will it take thirty minutes or sixty minutes?

Now, you will put these activities into the appropriate time slots and you are much more clear on exactly what you are going to be doing in your detailed schedule for the next day.

This is the basis of how to manage your scheduling system.

Block out and schedule the time, add up the hours, check your outcomes at the end of the day and then lay out more specific tasks for the following days.

Also, you can jot down notes at the bottom or on the back of your schedule as you go about your day for tasks that will need to be added to your schedule the next day.

Keep a notemanual and pen with you to write things down throughout your day.

Putting a pen to paper gets things out of your head and by doing this you will cause yourself less stress and feel less overwhelmed as you move forward with your scheduling process every day.

STICK STRICTLY TO THE SCHEDULE: No rabbit holes, no shiny objects, no dumb ass excuses.

Spending one hour a day creating your schedule for the next day will cause you to be at least four times more productive the next day, if you stick strictly to the schedule.

This is an excerpt from my soon to be realised manual, “FXXK Your Feelings: Get to Work”


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