Activity does not equal productivity!!!!!! Part 2

Activity does not equal productivity 2

Written by Sajad Abid Husain, Esq.

May 1, 2024

You’re super smart and extremely hard working, but you’re not getting the results that you know that you deserve.

How do you ensure that you are actually getting shit done?

In a 24 hour period, you will have a twelve hour work schedule, you get four hours off, and you’ll get eight hours of sleep.

The day before, you will take 30-60 minutes to hand write your detailed and specific work schedule activities with quantifiable measurements, intentions, and clear, quantifiable outcomes in addition to break times and personal time.

With time and practice, you will be able to get this done in 15 minutes.

Through this process, you will discover what is actually getting done and why you are not getting things done in a 12 hour work day within the days and forthcoming weeks of this process.

On the left side of your schedule, you will add up your working hours to total up 12 working hours.

Next, you will list a detailed description of each of the tasks, line by line, one at a time, with specific and quantifiable measurements, intention, and the confirmed outcomes.

You will schedule your personal time and leisure time as well so you know exactly where you are putting your time and energy.

You will find that, at the end of the day, your schedule may not be going as planned.

As you are working throughout the day, you will find that not everything is getting done. Why? It is usually for one of a few reasons so you may consider developing a notation system.

For example, you might put a red X where the specific work task went overboard because you underestimated how much time it took to complete, you made an error in scheduling, you allowed yourself to get distracted, lost focus, or got side tracked by shiny object syndrome.

This is how things don’t get done.

Stick strictly to the schedule, you will get better and better at this every day. It’s like a diet or a budget; it doesn’t mean shit, if you don’t stick to it.

For example, you plan on attending a one hour networking event:

Are you doing your 30 second pitch or your 1-2 minute pitch?

 How many people will you be pitching?

How many people do you expect to get on your calendar for a 1:1 conversation business meeting? 

How many people do you intend to email or direct message on social media to get three people on your calendar?

There’s a big difference between saying, “attend networking event” and the actual activity related to your intention and expected outcome in this example.


Every day, you will be learning new things about where you are spending your time and where you are not being productive.

This is an excerpt from my soon to be realised manual, “FXXK Your Feelings: Get to Work”

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