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Don’t hire a fake-ass business coach.

If you got ripped off before, that’s your fault.

Here are three questions you should ask:
(1) Have you ever created and run a successful business before, other than coaching?
(2) May I speak to your former clients?
(3) What did they specifically state they were going to teach you?

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Branding, Pitching, Packages, and Processes

People buy in the subconscious based on emotion, not logic. Your why doesn’t matter. Why should they hire you? How does working with you impact them?

If you have three packages, what are the five added values for each package? And put the potential client in the shoes of somebody who has already hired you. Give them the logistics.

Broken Clock


Activity does not equal productivity. What have you been doing with your last three months, six months, nine months, year? Where is all your time and money going? If you’re busy, you’re an idiot.

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No number is unreasonable or irrational, but a dream without a plan is just a wish. What is your specific quantifiable measurable goal? You need to break down your bigger goal into smaller goals with action steps, due dates, and milestones.

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Loose Ends

Half the program is set in stone, and the other half is organic. Workshop Four is your opportunity to ask a million questions and address your specific barriers.

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Negotiations and Closing Deals

Learn how to always take yes for an answer and show your specific solutions to their specific problems in an interwoven way.

Three keys

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

There are three keys to success as an entrepreneur. Persistence: you keep going and going and going no matter what, be stubborn but not stupid stubborn. Sacrifice is giving up something in order to get something. How bad do you want it? Organization is structure, logistics, protocol, and processes. You need SOPs for every aspect of your business.

Client Success Stories

David Eric Johns

Sajad keeps your leadership in alignment.

The gut check we all need.

Sajad is one of the most astute and intuitive business people you will meet. His grasp of the fundamentals of cash flow, mission and time focus, and thought articulation are the key ingredients to starting and operating your entrepreneurial project.

As a business trainer, whether you’ve operated a business or not, Sajad is a worthwhile engagement. If you’ve not operated a business, you definitely need him. If you cannot discipline yourself enough to navigate six weeks of time with him, you should not be operating your business wasting your own or someone else’s money. If you’ve been in business for 5 to 10 years, you periodically need a gut check. Sajad represents this gut check to “re-blue” you in terms of what it takes to keep your leadership in alignment.

Who else should hire Sajad? Well, – and this might sound harsh to some – if you think you are a good business coach, you are probably not as good as you could be without working with Sajad. If you are a bank or contemplating loaning money to a business, you should ensure the business owner is hiring Sajad if you want assurance you will receive your ROI.

It is definitely worth the 26-minute complimentary call – so get on his schedule.

David Eric Johns

Sajad Husain, Esq is my Nolan Ryan

I got a killer fastball now.

I wasn’t good at making hamburgers…
I was good at following the recipe for hamburgers. And I sucked at sales because I didn’t have a recipe.

There’s an absolute strategy to it…
There’s an absolute intentional effort to it…
To be honest, I can’t even cook. I just follow formulas.

Now as good as I am at operations…
I’m within striking distance on effectively conveying the value I provide.

Most people give up on the one yard line.
It’s 20.16667 yards from the pitchers mound to home plate.

I was a Randy Johnson. Very talented and threw very hard, but had no control. My development inconsistent over the duration of my career.

Yes, I’ve got a few coaches I’ll credit as most influential. But things didn’t change for me until I found a Nolan Ryan. A fellow pitcher who had walked the same troubles already

Relating on a different level, I changed how I pitched
– Now I can hit targets with better control
– I can hit a plane
– Or this bird

So who was my Nolan Ryan?
—-> Sajad Husain, Esq <—-


Adrian Betts


Adrian Betts
Mike McQuillan

You don’t need a big break, you need a breakthrough.

Sajad will teach you the finer points of promoting a business.

We haven’t met, but I know who you are and why you’re here. You are a solopreneur who can’t seem to find that one big break. “I’m not getting in front of the right people.” “This is a very specific product and it’s not for everybody.” “As soon as I get a few clients, I’ll have the money to pay for coaching and really take off.”

I’m not going to hurt your feelings by telling you how wrong your thinking is. Sajad will take care of that.

You don’t need a big break, you need a breakthrough. You need to learn how to be your own boss. You need to hold yourself to a high standard that builds the confidence and a passion for the business. You need to plan money-making activities all day, every day, so that the business comes to you.

“But I already do that!”

No you don’t.

Sajad will teach you the finer points of promoting a business, staying on task, and mapping your success. Those are the little extras. The real takeaway is the sense of accountability.

Sajad will bring you into a network of driven solopreneurs. He commends you like no other when you deserve it, and offers tough love when you need it. He teaches you to be your own boss. As a speaking coach, I’m a nice guy. But my boss is a real prick. Thanks Sajad for teaching me to be a real prick. Now get back to work.”

Mike McQuillan

Sajad’s Thoughts

People pleasers are poor people…

People pleasers are poor people…

You can sell without selling. I never try to get anybody to buy anything from me; I just add massive value, everywhere I go. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, networking groups, podcasts, presentations, etc. To add massive value means to say something so...

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Here’s two ways to make a lot more money really fast…

Here’s two ways to make a lot more money really fast…

Start setting up time every morning and every evening to respond to all communications, including, but not limited to, your emails, texts, and voicemail. If you're looking to purchase something and it takes 48 hours for the person to respond to you, what do you do?...

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If it doesn’t pay all your bills, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

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